Natural Weight Loss and Saffron

Saffron and Weight Loss

Natural Weight Loss

There has been a growing movement and research poured into natural weight loss remedies. Until recently, finding a natural weight loss supplement as an alternative to harmful prescription medication or costly surgeries had been hard to come by.  As consumers, we are becoming smarter and are looking for organic and more holistic solutions to ease many of our bodily and day to day activities. With the increase in natural weight loss supplements, how do you know which solution is the best?

As business becomes more convenient, we tend to look for easier ways to accomplish what we want. This becomes a problem when we start putting more time researching what laptop to buy over what chemicals we put into our bodies. It is about looking a little deeper inside the plant to see how their chemical makeup can help complete and clean up our own bodily chemistry. We have combine the benefits of saffron and weight loss to provide you with natural weight loss remedies.

Saffron and Weight Loss

In the area of weight control, the Saffron plant has been documented to have proven results in suppressing appetite. By boosting serotonin levels and alleviating mood swings, Saffron reduces the food cravings that are associated with emotional eating. It’s our emotions that control eating habits which often lead to compulsive overeating, and often looking to find comfort by overindulging in sweet or sugary foods.

One of the fastest ways to gain excess body weight is through eating out of boredom or stress. It is a known fact that anxiety, stress, and depression influence food intake; the quality and amount of food. It is about finding the root problem and attacking it. Research studies prove that Saffron suppresses these negative emotions and suppresses emotional eating. Saffron is a natural way lose weight; by adding positive chemicals to the brain, you offset the negative or over release of other chemicals in the brain.

Benefits from Saffron and Weight Loss

saffron extract | holistic dietary pillThe benefits of Saffron’s chemical makeup acts as a neurotransmitter of the feel good hormone serotonin. Saffron is able to increase serotonin to the brain, which increases positive feelings. Saffron Extract proves to be unique in turning on the satiating mechanism to satisfy hunger cravings and reduce overeating habits. Continuing to incorporate Saffron Exact or Strands into your natural weight loss remedy has the potential to:

  1. Decrease in inches and weight loss
  2. Decline in frequency of feeling hungry
  3. Drop in fat-forming sugar cravings and snacking
  4. Promotes a healthy lifestyle and mood to avoid overeating

Saffron Extract confirmed double-blind test against placebo study shows:

  1. Decline in Snacking Average: 55% saffron compared to 28% placebo
  2. Drop in Feelings of Hunger Between Meals: 84% saffron compared to 52% placebo.
  3. Decreases desire for Sugary Snacks: 78% saffron compared to 46% placebo

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